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Pre-order is now over!
Stay tuned for updates on when this body pillowcase will go on sale!

Loki Body Pillowcase PRE-ORDER

ARE YOu readyyyyyyy
I will taking pre-orders on my storenvy until February 5.

Pre-order price is $45 USD each, with an additional $6 for shipping in the US or $10 for international shipping. The pillowcases measures 21x54 inches.
This is the kind of pillowcase that will not push you away when you try to hug it and love it but it will help you take over the world if you give it a shiny metal staff and lots of leather belts.

If you choose to pre-order now, your pillow will be customizable. You will get the choice of which image(s) you want on both sides of your pillowcase:

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